ISLH 2024

Platinum Exhibitor

Sysmex Europe SE supports healthcare professionals and patients throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with a broad range of medical diagnostics products and solutions. These multi-functional solutions work together with high-quality reagents and reliable service and support to create a better healthcare journey for all.

Premier Exhibitor Island

CellaVision is a pioneer in digital cell morphology. We provide digital microscopy solutions, covering analyzers, instruments, reagents, and software. We have leading-edge expertise in sample preparation, image analysis, artificial intelligence, and automated microscopy. Our products replace manual laboratory work and secure effective workflows within and between hospitals.
Booth: 302

Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Mindray has developed reliable and robust in-vitro diagnostics solutions to empower trust, delivering accurate results while meeting increasing demands on efficiency in laboratories worldwide.
Booth: 301

We pioneer breakthroughs in healthcare. For everyone. Everywhere. Sustainably. The innovative healthcare solutions offered by Siemens Healthineers are crucial for making high-quality healthcare accessible for everyone, for clinical decision-making, and for treatment pathways.
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Premier Exhibitor

A global leader in clinical diagnostics, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics has challenged convention to elevate the diagnostic laboratory�s role in improving patient health for more than 80 years. Our mission is to Relentlessly Reimagine Healthcare, One Diagnosis at a Time � and we do this by applying the power of science, technology and the passion and creativity of our teams. Our diagnostic solutions are used in complex clinical testing, and are found in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician office settings around the globe.
Booths: 114, 115

HORIBA provides an extensive and comprehensive line of hematology, hemostasis, and clinical chemistry solutions including analyzers and reagents for use in in vitro diagnostics. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA brand. Today, over 30,000 laboratories use HORIBA�s solutions around the world.
Booths: 108, 109

NOUL is an AI-powered Point-of-Care diagnostics platform for hematological diseases. NOUL's diagnostics device combines 1)lab-on-a-chip, 2) mobile imaging, and 3)artificial intelligence diagnostics technology to provide a gold-standard diagnosis of blood borne diseases within 15 minutes with one drop of finger-pricked blood. NOUL's first target diseases are Malaria and Latent TB.
Booths: 117, 118

Scopio Labs is transforming cell morphology analysis, offering a suite of fully digital applications and platforms that enhance clinical workflows. Solving the tradeoff between field-of-view and resolution, Scopio enables labs to assess and analyze cell morphology at unprecedented scale and depth. The company's combination of high-resolution imaging and an AI-powered decision support system makes the diagnostic process more efficient and consistent across the continuum of care. By assisting lab experts with faster, earlier, and accurate detection and diagnosis of disease, Scopio expedites patients' access to life-saving treatments.
Booths: 112, 113

Exhibit Only

ALCOR� Scientific is a Rhode Island-based company providing laboratory solutions that modernize traditional processes and procedures, improving their efficiency, workflows, and cost effectiveness. ALCOR� Scientific offers the iSED� product line for optimizing erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing and the MIZAR� platform for improving the accessibility of hemorheology research.
Booth: 104

With a staff close to 2,500 and the most advanced technologies, Stago formulates, manufactures and markets worldwide, the broadest range of reagents and analytical instruments in hemostasis. Stago devotes its research and innovative skills to the development of increasingly effective medical diagnostic products and instrumentation. Because we are committed to a better understanding of hemostasis and thrombosis, Stago's creativity, supported by a team of specialized researchers, results in a range of reagents and instruments which just keeps getting better. This involves constant leading-edge research as well as the improvement of existing kits. Thanks to a wide international network of distributors and affiliates, Stago is represented in more than 110 countries. Without exception, each distributor is chosen according to strict criteria regarding the performance of its team, its capabilities in after-sales services, and its commitment to knowing and promoting the Stago line.
Booth: 101

The ECAT Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing an international External Quality Assessment Programme (EQAP) for laboratories working in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis. The aim of the ECAT Foundation is to contribute to improvement of clinical laboratory testing in this field which benefits the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
Booth: 116

EXBIO is the leading manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and reagents for research and clinical applications with the focus on multi-color flow cytometry analysis of human cellular markers. Our comperhensive portfolio of more than 4 000 off-the-shelf products covers a diverse set of areas including Hematology, Immunology, Cancer, Stem cells, and Cell Biology. With the experienced cytometry experts and biotech engineers, EXBIO offers to our customers long-term validated antibody markers in the broad selection of fluorochrome conjugates.
Booth: 111

IQ Products is a manufacturer of ready to use antibodies and diagnostic kits in the fields of perinatal diagnostics, routine clinical flow cytometry and transplantation. Some specialty products are Fetal Cell Count� Kit and FMH QuikQuant� (diagnosis of fetomaternal hemorrhage) and HITAlert Kit (diagnosis of Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia).
Booth: 105

A leading developer of frozen diagnostic products, Precision BioLogic provides tools to help laboratory professionals make the best decisions, faster. Our CRYOcheck� line of products is used around the globe to diagnose coagulation disorders and conduct ground-breaking research. Joining us at ISLH 2024 is Cryopep, our French distributor.
Booth: 100

UIMD has developed state-of-the-art image analyzers for peripheral blood analysis and bone marrow analysis. Our PBIA solution has extremely high throughput and pre-classification accuracy while the BMIA solution can automatically pre-classify bone marrow cells and provide automatic scanning of clot section, biopsy, touch print, and special stain slides.
Booth: 107

Werfen is a growing, family-owned, innovative company founded in 1966 in Barcelona, Spain. We are a worldwide leader in Specialized Diagnostics in the areas of Hemostasis, Acute Care Diagnostics, Transfusion, Autoimmunity, and Transplant. Through our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) business line, we research, develop, and manufacture customized assays and biomaterials.
Booth: 110

West Medica specializes in automated microscopy and image analysis. As an ISO 13485:2016 certified, international manufacturer, we develop and produce unique and innovative solutions in digital microscopy, which works with the latest technology based on deep learning and artificial intelligence. Our CE-IVD marked cell imaging analysers provide up to 98% accurate results in maximum 6 minutes in different areas like cervical cytology, hematology, bone marrow, , histology, microbiology, sperm analysis and others... Trust, security and efficiency characterize our vision and create the basis for qualitative and professional support for our customers!
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